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News Junkie ?

  Catch up on all the NEWS that is important to you in a few minutes as our feeds are updating every 15 minutes.  Click any story as it scrolls by to read it in its' entirety.


  Eventually I will add a tickertape with all the scores shown in real time.  At present, I am finding it difficult to cover the sports I would like to include, so the best option at this points is to click the button and teleport to TSN for your scores in real-time.

  For those of you wishing to follow your favorite team more closely, purchase sportswear, tickets, or just all their latest news you can do so by clicking a button below.

Job Listings

  Listings from all over Manitoba, updating regularly.

Just for fun

  Whatever we can find just to lighten your day.  Below are buttons that will take you to sites where you can play all types of word puzzles.

Daily puzzle from Readers' Digest

From with different skill levels

These will make you think! From

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