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  We are a group of dis-satisfied, dis-illusioned, citizens who are fed up with the way all levels of government have been treating us.  All anybody really wants is an open system with transparency and fairness instead of everything shrouded in secrecy.  For some unknown reason, once the votes are counted, everyone forgets who works for who.

So why the 'Portage Banner' title?

  A number of years ago there was a publication in our city called the Portage Banner.  In essence it was a newspaper but it also served as a community watchdog and if you wanted to maintain any integrity you did not want to be on the wrong side of "those" headlines.

  Things have changed drastically since then !  No more running around with a camera, notepad and transcribing recorded audio and then setting up type, printing and delivery.  Now you can have it completed and published in under 5 minutes using only your phone.

  While that part has become easier we have to be much more diligent to ensure we maintain political correctness and not offend anyone.  We will strive to do our best in those regards to avoid legal ramifications.

  If you are a blogger or have a Facebook album you

would like to share with our visitors then contact the webmaster as we are considering a second page of feeds highlighting our visitors passions or products.

Portage La Prairie City Hall

  An explanation of these pages, and ...

how to get the most out of them.

  On the homepage, in addition to the current weather conditions and a "Quote of the Day" you will see  scrolling feeds from other sources on the web.  Mostly they are what people normally search for on the web, or the "goto" sections in a printed newspaper.  News, sports, and jobs but I have also added other feeds as well.  Clicking (or tapping) on any link will take you to that article.  Some refresh once a day and others will refresh every 15 minutes so occasionally you might see text in a box flicker as it does so.  All sources will be accredited in the footer of the site.

  "My Thoughts" is just that.  A blog where I might wander down memory lane or give a historical lesson on a location or a person long gone.  I might also be complaining about the cost of a dozen eggs or a quart of milk.

  The "Contact" page is self-explanatory but if you are having issues with site functionality then contact the Webmaster directly.  You can find a link to him in the footer below.

  The Forums" are similar to Facebook in many aspects without all the bells and whistles, fact checkers and politically correct police.  This is a members only area and you are required to sign up with valid name and email address.  You should also be 18 years of age.

  Ready to post?                                             


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