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  Hopefully the few paragraphs below will explain how these work.

  While we are based in Portage La Prairie, MB that does not mean that every topic in there is going to be Portage related.  In fact, most are not so everyone is welcome to join in and participate. 

  It is quite possible someone in the UK could explain why your parrot insists on hanging upside down and speaking Pig Latin, or, maybe they are asking and you have an answer that would help them.

  These are the kinds of things you might find here.  How do I fix my PC ?, how do I fix my car ?, Grandma''s Sugar Cookie recipe.  The list can be endless but it will only be successful with your input.  I attempted to keep the categories as generic as possible but if there is something you would like to see added contact the webmaster.  I am sure sub-categories are possible as well, like cats, dogs, horses, etc, under the Animals and Pets section.

  All the categories have a colored header.  The RED ones are political or topics that have become politicized and many might find intimidating.  These sections will be moderated closely and we ask that you refrain from name calling or accusatory statements (unless you have proof to back it up) because you are on your own at that point.  People not adhering to our rules will be warned or banned from future posting.  All other categories should remain quite calm by those standards.

  To be able to take part in the discussions or comment on blog posts, you do have to sign up as a member.  By doing so you are agreeing to the above and stating you are 18 years of age as well.  Use a valid name and email address as the form will generate a confirmation code to the email address you submitted and must be entered before you gain access.  Sorry it has to be this way but it is the only way we have of keeping bots, spammers and troublemakers off the site.

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