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  We have no affiliation with Sobey's or any of the other companies on the card.  We chose this card as it would be most flexible for our site members and the fact that everyone needs food.

Corporate rules regarding the card can be found


  Once you have qualified yourself, you can gain more entries by enticing others to visit the site and join up as well.  For every two people you successfully recruit we will add your name to the draw. You could be in there multiple times if you work at it.

Send the names of people you recruit to

  In the event the same person gets recruited by numerous people, the first email we have with the name listed will get credit for recruiting them.

  Please note: We will only be checking this mailbox after the contest officially closes and we see how many qualifying entrants we have.  Then we will check the emails to see if the official entrants have any successful recruits.  We like surprises as well :)

Contest Rules

  Since the purpose of this site is about opening up the lines of communication, you need to start COMMUNICATING.  Contest closing date will be May 31, 2023 at 10 PM EST at which time the forums will be shut down until we qualify eligible contestants.  To be eligible for the draw you NEED to:

1. Have made 3 Posts.  A post is starting a new topic in any forum on the subject of your choice.

2. Have made 10 Comments.  A comment is just that, where you add your 2 cents worth to somebody else's post.  A like, GIF, or one word answer is not enough.  At least type a coherent sentence.

  That is not a lot to ask for when you have a month to accomplish the task.  It can probably be completed in 15 minutes so don't worry if you are a few days late joining the game.

   The Winner will be determined by a random draw of all qualifying entries. The winner will be announced on the site and contacted by the email they used when signing up to the site.

Claiming the prize

If you are lucky enough to be the winner, and local,  you can just pick up your prize or we can send it registered mail

Anywhere else in Canada it will be sent by registered mail..

Other countries, the card is of no value so in that circumstance we will send the equivalent of $50 Cdn by email transfer or other arrangements can be made.

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