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As the ship sinks

And we all thought that growing older was going to be the golden years. As you age you grow in strength. Strength in physical size but also strength in knowledge learned. The strength that you gain in physical being begins when you are born but it has a limit. The physical growth never lasts as long as people hope it will. However our strength in knowledge is infinite. Your limit to gain strength in knowledge is only limited by your desire. Some people choose to shut themselves off and not learn all that the world and people have to offer. To age with knowledge is truly a great power.


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I suspect that if this resembles my Facebook in any way that there will be subjects I post on that will be offensive to some. I welcome all comments and constructive criticism and corrections are always welcome as it helps my site improve.  If you are just commenting to be negative then post your grievances in the Forum section as that is what it is designed for. Thank you for your cooperation.                           --- Don ---

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