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Could Our Future Lay In Lilacs?

Lilacs are hardy in Manitoba, growing quickly and producing cascades of heavenly scented blossoms. As these thousands of blossoms reach their peak around May 24, the City would become a paradise of lilac scent and beauty. “Lilac Tyme in the Republic of Portage la Prairie”.

After all, Portage is the only city in Canada that was once a Republic, so lets capitalize on this singularity.

This can become our special tourist magnet and our opportunity to build community comradery as we plant and care for the lilacs. Early success would facilitate great add on possibilities and all at no cost to the tax payers.

One feature of ‘lilac tyme’ could be a high tea. We don’t have them anymore but lets reinstate tea luncheon and serve it in style at church halls and Stride Place. Many Portagers may seize the opportunity to dress in their Republic of Manitoba style, turn of the century costumes.

The festival could also feature a giant fabulous buffalo burger cookout in the Park and fireworks from our new causeway. Bands and dancing could add enchantment to the causeway. The money from the fireworks could be moved over from the July 1st budget.

The downtown core could be blanketed in music from the shows – the sound system is already in place atop of Trinity United Church. Music to shop by! How about a big antique/collectables fair on the causeway? How about a fenced off secured 1900’s beer garden right where we had one in 1901.

“Lilac Tyme” would have as its spectacular feature ‘luminara Portage’ - a celebration of light, music and art. It would involve thousands of our citizens and visitors in a fun outdoor family oriented celebration of “low tech magic” that would be highlighted around our old swan pond in the Park. This would be cause for a major beautification. That evening would feature lighted paper lanterns and other visual art effects (stilt walkers, costumed citizens, bands, buskers, food stalls and magic acts). Students would have been at work for a number of months previously at work shops creating the magic lanterns. The parade of lights would be focused on the swan pond which would be decked in twinkling lights and special floating effects (this all would be easy and not expensive). It would be at the swan pond also that the music and theatrical performance would occur.

This festival of surreal community spirit is ours for the taking. Do you have ideas of your own that could enhance the festival? Lets hear your thoughts about it – lets put the fun back into Portage la Prairie.


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