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Dreaming a dream

I don't think I could love another woman. There just isn't room in my heart for anyone but Donnee. But I guess that is fine because it is unlikely any Portage woman wants me anyway .By the way my phone number is still 204-8576696. ( and that is rather a LOL comment!) I do believe life for those , male or female, is always easier when one is born beautiful. I always imagined I was handsome but when I look at the reality of a photo I see that my nose is too big. That is my Jewish punishment. Sometimes when I am laying alone in my bed thinking of useless things as we are wont to do, problems that have no solutions, I think about why the Jewish race is heaped with so much opprobrium. I wonder if it is a result of the early Church placing blame on the Jews for crucifying Christ? I have been studying that and it seems very unclear which party should take the blame.... the Jewish Rabbis who controlled the synagogue or the Romans, who controlled the government? From my meagre involvement with government here I would say it probably was the powerful Pharisees who controlled that ancient Jewish religion and the Temple. The last thing they wanted to do was to aggravate the Romans with one of their own running around the country performing miracles and intimating that he was God. For that matter the controlling Rabbis were not so out of line with how we humans operate even today... how would we react if someone who lived in Portage began to intimate that he (or she ) was God. Perhaps we would line up with stones for the stoning celebration? Even as this saintly marvelous holy man was being hoisted onto the cross look how few people who actually knew Him were present to offer any form of succor! His mother and a prostitute. Where were his disciples? Sleeping in the vineyard? I have so much trouble with that story. The story of Christ seems to be full of people who as close to Jesus as they were could neither recognize who he was or recognize his other worldly aura. Are we still pretty much the same today?


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Don Pelechaty
Don Pelechaty
Apr 19, 2023

Don you are an angel and a creative genius. I wish we had hundreds like you!!!


Don Pelechaty
Don Pelechaty
Mar 21, 2023

"Palm Court" is not open yet but it will be announced. The new pleasure will be by reservation. It has been a long long time since Portage la Prairie had a genuine Tea Room and you will want to have your best friends out from Winnipeg to share with you not only a slice of our history but tea time the way it should be! Looking forward to your company!


Hello and welcome to my thought process !

I suspect that if this resembles my Facebook in any way that there will be subjects I post on that will be offensive to some. I welcome all comments and constructive criticism and corrections are always welcome as it helps my site improve.  If you are just commenting to be negative then post your grievances in the Forum section as that is what it is designed for. Thank you for your cooperation.                           --- Don ---

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