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King Tut

The Cohens of Winnipeg visit Tutankhamu’s newly discovered tomb.

By 1918 the First World War was over. The search continued for the lost tomb of Tutankamu under Howard Carter who had been funded by a rich English aristocrat, Lord Carnavon. In 1922 Howard Carter did discover the first step leading down to the tomb and you can imagine the excitement that engendered in the press of the day! The full discovery of the tomb occurred October 26, 1925. The public, who had the money

and the interest headed for Egypt to satisfy their enormous curiosity over this fantastic find.Tutankamu translated means the “living image of Mu”. King Tut, as the papers called him, reigned from1332 to 1323 BC. His mother was either his sister or cousin. In the tomb with him were two of his still born daughters, which one might have expected from an incestuous union. Tut died in 1323 BC at the age of 18 perhaps from a chariot accident or some on-going medical condition. Such was the interest in King Tut that during the 1920’s there was a rash of Tut named products such as Tut Dry Cleaners, Tut Bread, even the pet dog of President Herbert Hoover was named Tut. Here is a photograph of what appears to be a good segment of the Cohen family of Winnipeg with the camel guides and the great pyramid in the background. Tut was found in the Valley of the Kings and his hermetically sealed casket still rests there. Many special tours of the USA, Russia and Europe have carried Tut’s mummy and jewels on crowd pleasing tours. We would love to see them ourselves.


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