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Long Ago & Far Away

This is a photo of how the circular drive around the race track

looked before the Island development. The hedge was Lilac and overpowering in the Spring. This is actually the view of the original road that ran to Island Park Farm, our farm from many years ago. When grandma was alive the entrance was awash in Tiger Lilies and Peonies. She loved flowers. The field behind Ron McRories house was an orchard.



Don Pelechaty
Don Pelechaty

It seems like forever ago but my family used to drive around that scenic little drive of beautiful lilac bushes on the Island.. By May first that area would be so overpowered with the thick floral scent. In the very early days PELECHATY DRIVE was not there and we entered our farm around that curve and into the farm from the north. Eventually we donated that area that became Pelechaty Drive to the City and a road was put through to what became Brandon Avenue. South of our farm in the very early days there was nothing but forests untouched from La Verendrye's time, In time other families acquired land along Brandon Avenue which was then built in there.…


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