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My backyard

The Island is such a wonderful place to live. there must be forty dear ing in these woods around my home. Two opf them, perhaps twins have adopted us and come to the back door for breakfast lunch and an evening meal. I have purchased a special deer feed so they are getting nutrition. The penned deer in the Park are a different species seems they were imported from Newfoundland. They seem like they could be tamed for pets and would like to walk right into the house!!! They come and respond to our calls!THEY Had a hard winter this years as the Giffins are not turning out the carrot tops and cabbage trimmings this year so they are chewing on the cedars! That deer, Buster, is standing behind a Japanese lantern.


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I suspect that if this resembles my Facebook in any way that there will be subjects I post on that will be offensive to some. I welcome all comments and constructive criticism and corrections are always welcome as it helps my site improve.  If you are just commenting to be negative then post your grievances in the Forum section as that is what it is designed for. Thank you for your cooperation.                           --- Don ---

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