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My first entry

George Hill.

What a georgeous man, so creative, so aware of the beauty of the planet and so willing to create beauty around himself., His best quality I always thought was his endless boostering of Portage la Prairie. Christmas would have been a failure to me without the afternoon of cartoons that he put on at the old Drill Hall. When the Army training centre burned down Hill bought the ruins for one dollar and moved

the bulk of the limestone pillars and foundations over to the site of the new home he was building.

One Autumn day I was on my way home past his front lawn and I called out to him how wonderful the Lake appeared covered as it was with floating Basswood Leaves!'" It really makes you know there is a God, "I said.

"Well Don, if that is your belief that is fine but as you age it will dawn on you that God or not, you will get out of life exactly what you put into it".

Now that I am 85 I sense the truth there because it seems to me that people who have achieved much have dedicated much time and effort into achieving their dreams. I have found that there is always a group who are jealous of one's success. Success is so relative anyway, what seems like success may just be a lot of luck!


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