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The return of the Moosh

Can cats talk?

I think as my wife's former caregiver I am currently suffering from a lack of love. One doesn’t get much love out of .Facebook! So

I have been thinking about my beloved cat .Why doesn’t Mooshie show me more (or some) real affection? I am her feeder after all. But here are my thoughts on this. Yes ,Cats CAN talk. All you cat lovers already know this! When we are alone with our cat recall those long conversations we have. I always do it when no one is listening to my outpourings! Sure there is lots of communication. When Mooshie wraps her tail around my ankles or just rubs against me when she walks by-its all a friendly greeting . Cats have this normal function within their species. Cats seldomly talk to each other except for a hiss or a growl when they are being trespassed upon. Watch your cat’s tail position and the position of the ears. Body language tells you a lot with a cat. When they are feeling really affectionate they will sometimes act goofy and silly, attacking some paper or some other trick to get noticed. Every cat and their owner slowly develop their own language. We are the surrogate mother to the cat, male or female, and they learn to communicate with us to get their needs filled (you really know this well eh!) Cats will learn to communicate in the manner that they see works best. If a particular meow, chirp or chortle brings on a good response from you the cat will learn to do it even more. I have had cats that were really social and those darlings enjoyed climbing up on a stranger’s lap and trying to take over the company. Others are aloof and watchful,“is someone here going to poison me?”Cats may develop sounds that are just for us and no one else.

Here is a list of cat sounds and what they(may) mean: short meow---How are you doing?

Multi meows-I’ve missed you!

Mid pitched meow-that is a plea for something ,lunch or a treat.

Drawn-out meow-Did you forget to feed me, you idiot!

A low pitched meow-The service here really sucks!

Purrs-shows contentment, but just might hide consternation or fear.

Hiss-I am angry and an inch away from using my claws!

Clicking sound-You will only hear this when your cat is tracking prey.

My favorite cat story: As a guy who is always trying to make sense of everything and hoping there is meaning to life—one day sitting on the patio with Donnee, Mooshie brought over a little mouse she had just caught. She layed down with the mouse between her outstretched paws and every few minutes the mouse would try to escape. Mooshie would bring it back for more of the same game. The mouse was getting wet and anxious. Suddenly the mouse moved up under Mooshie’s nose, stood up as full as a little mouse can, and slapped Mooshie in the face ! Mooshie used her hypodermic sharp teeth to dispatch that toy forthwith. There, I thought, there is some justice in the world. I felt that the brave mouse had made a final and valiant statement to the cat. By the way Mooshie stood up and walked away. Well that is why there are books written on cats. As far as I can see they could be books with only blank pages. But I love my cat. I named her Mooshie because that was the name of Anne Frank’s last cat before she was hauled off for “resettlement” in the East. What ever happened to her cat? Perhaps she survived on her own, or maybe some kindly Gestapo guy took her home to his kids.By the way this is a three year old story. Donnee has been gone for quite awhile now. They went off to the crematorium together and now rest forever together in a French Bronze urn last owned by Tsar Nicholas the second. How nice to be with your cat.


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